make Schouwburgplein more engaging for residents.
reduce spatial disconnect between schouwburgplein and Theater Schouwburg.
Schouwburgplein, designed by West 8 has contemporary urban square design, with custom furniture, iconic crane-like lights that park users can operate, and a trademarked hardscape pattern, is a reflection of the Port of Rotterdam. Contrasting bands of surface materials such as wood decking, heavy-duty rubber, epoxy flooring, and perforated metal panels emulate patterns of traditional Dutch agricultural fields. It is built on top of a parking space.
Despite this prime location, Schouwburgplein becomes a dead urban space; infrequently used, dreary, and dilapidated. The square only attracts users when activities are explicitly organized, and that it does not provoke uses that are unprogrammed. It lacks the connection between the square and the surrounding spaces.

The square was build on top of parking space with 2 underground levels. We used half of the -1 floor as an indoor square space which can be used in winters.

User-time Mapping. We studied the walking pattern of people coming to the square. Understanding the what, how and when for visiting the Square. 

Story Board
Guided by -Harm Scholtens
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